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April 4, 2022

The value, and impact, of Word of Mouth (WOM) marketing remains significant. Research indicates that WOM beats any other form of advertising by as much as 59%, with as many as 92% of consumers trusting their friends over traditional media or sales consultants.

As we increasingly move into a ‘post Covid-19 world’ – with a mix of ‘old’ and ‘new’ normal, the value of WOM and alternate ways of being remains strong.

 Word of Mouth remains the best marketing tool.

We all now live in a post Covid-19 world where the pandemic, whilst not gone, appears to be better understood and managed. During these last two years, we have all experienced changes in the way we do things with many of these having been hastily implemented. Although many are now returning to the old-normal and migrating back to offices, there is still however a lot of ‘digital production, support and sales’ type programmers and graphic design teams, call center staff, etc. that continue working from home. Due to this ‘working from home’ with its ongoing impact on less personal contact, it has also seen a significant change in the way that people generally interact with advertising – leading me to WOM (Word of Mouth).

@AIGS Insights, we also made radical changes over the last two years (and not just due to Covid-19). The most impactful – the way in which we engage with our prospective customers and partners. The process from suspect to lead to prospect to customer has been amended to a point where we do not just present product and features but, rather focus on solutions. This approach has forced us to gather more information and specifically work much closer with these prospects to ensure we understand their offerings, goals and challenges in order to allow us to know exactly where we can add value to them and the customer value chain.

It was by implementing this new way of engaging that we realised its very positive impact on the sales and marketing process. These prospects were far more willing and, in some cases, out of their own volition began sharing the experiences they had with us – the engagement, solutions and products.

Research and statistics clearly indicate that WOM has always been strong. However, we have seen this in real time with more referrals being passed on from current customers and even prospects.
Why is this important to us? Research shows that WOM (Word of Mouth) beats any other form of advertising by as much as 59%. It remains one of the most powerful forms of advertising with as many as 92% of consumers trusting their friends over traditional media or sales consultants.

We also know that, now, when a prospect contacts us; they are far more prepared, educated and informed than ever before – having done their research and knowing what they want. Our role is more that of trusted advisor and consultant than product vendor!!

We hope our latest engagements have been such that you are seeing the value, encouraging you to add to the WOM dynamic through the sharing of your own stories and experiences.

Greetings – The Yellowfin Sales Team