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The only enterprise and embedded analytics platform that combines action-based dashboards, automated analysis, and data storytelling.

Analytics made simple, beautifully simple!

Transform your business or software through data.

AIGS Insights recognises that all BI tools have specific strengths and weaknesses and mostly get the job done! With the breadth of functionality and unique subscription model from Yellowfin, we concentrate on the business user and analyst and generally make a difference to your business.

Taking you from raw data to great dashboards to actionable insights, Yellowfin BI helps you predict the future, delivering true business value, rapidly, in three key areas.

Whilst any BI can tell you what happened, Yellowfin tells you WHY!

Key Areas
Yellowfin Solutions

This is how we achieve 3X the standard user adoption rates and ensure you receive true value, quickly, from your BI investment whilst enjoying an ongoing successful partnership with us.

Yellowfin is Beautiful, Balanced and Brilliant. From data to dashboards Yellowfin delivers a brilliant analytical experience. Our interface is more than beautiful – it provides all the data discovery features that you will ever need. All this whilst providing a fine balance between the ease of use business users require and the governance needs of enterprise IT.

Yellowfin for the Business User
Yellowfin for the Data Professional
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    White Paper


    BI Data Governance White Paper

    Barry Devlin, a founder of the data warehousing industry, exposes the three cornerstones of BI data governance and successful decision making in this comprehensive white paper.

    Download Barry Devlin’s white paper to discover how to lay the foundations of a comprehensive BI data governance that will maintain trust in your data so your business can make the best decisions.

    BI data governance is the secret of successful business decision making. Why? Because governance provides a means for the data to be verified so it can be trusted.

    Human errors in data caused the crash of NASA’s Mars Orbiter when English measurements of rocket thrusts weren’t converted into newtons. That was $125 million-worth of spacecraft. Then there was the omission of a single minus sign in a dividend estimate spreadsheet that resulted in a miscalculation of $2.6 billion for Fidelity Morgan.

    Make sure your data can be trusted.

    Download his white paper to find out how.