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In line with our core focus on partnerships, we provide several additional services – all of which are geared to ensure the optimal return and maximum value for our partners.

AIGS Insights Service offering includes:

  1. Support: Including technical support, problem-solving and project management, amongst other, our support component is focused on helping our partners unlock maximum value for, and with, their customers.
  2. Training: Delivered virtually, our Yellowfin training courses are designed to provide attendees with the required knowledge to ensure a quick return from their Yellowfin investment. MORE
  3. QuickStart Enablement: Geared towards new ISV customers, the ISV QuickStart professional services engagement ensures a quick return on their investment in Yellowfin Analytics.
  4. Development Engagement: For those new to the Yellowfin environment, leverage our teams’ expertise across both the product stack and reporting for maximum value and support.



All Yellowfin training is delivered virtually in a Microsoft Teams environment and this series of courses has been designed to provide attendees with the knowledge and necessary skillset needed to quickly get value from using the Yellowfin Analytics Suite.

The online platform provides an environment where an experienced Instructor-led trainer leads the virtual classroom followed by practical exercises.

This course series provides the participants with the knowledge and practical experience they need to use the Yellowfin Analytics Suite confidently and effectively in their business role.

Target Audience
These courses have been designed to service a variety of user types as follows:

Personal / Basic Content Creator
People whose primary use of Yellowfin is to create basic analytics content and/or perform basic data analysis using existing data sources and metadata views.

Corporate / Advanced Content Creator
People whose primary use of Yellowfin is to create advanced analytics content and/or perform advanced data analysis for others.

Data and Security Administrator
People whose primary use of Yellowfin is to design, create and maintain views and security of data and content.

Yellowfin System Administrator
People whose primary use of Yellowfin is to configure, maintain, monitor and manage the system.

Developer / Product Manager
People whose primary focus is to understand how Yellowfin can be integrated into a 3rd party application, branded/white-labelled, and extended/customised.

The following table summarises which module each type of user is recommended to attend:

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