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February 23, 2021

As we head towards the end of the second month of 2021 during, at times, continuing uncertainty, let us remain committed to be the best we can be and to making things happen!


Gustav Piater

Sales & Marketing Director

As we flip our “online” calendars to another year – 2021 and already another month, February, of the COVID-19 remote-work experiment, it is no surprise that motivation, well-being and performance appear to be one of the biggest challenges for many.

As I allowed my thoughts to wander around what I wanted to share in this newsletter, employee wellness was most often top of mind. Almost everyone has learnt to use new “tools” to motivate and reenergize their teams, to accurately identify struggles and to empathetically help employees address their problems. However, this is not just true for employees. In many cases, in some ways, it is as relevant in how we engage with our customers.

A large part of a leader’s responsibility is to provide structure, guidance and regulation. Yet, there are several workplace studies that point to the fact that the most important gauge for a healthy work environment and customer engagement isn’t a strong external framework, but rather whether individuals are able to cultivate internal motivation.

There are many strategies to build on this, one being “Self-determination theory (SDT)”. More can be learnt from this Harvard Business review or Wikipedia but, in short, you need to:

  • ensure that your employees and customers feel “cared for” and have a sense of belonging (relatedness);
  • with employees – set goals and measure growth, thereby keeping them accountable (competence);
  • with customers – regularly engage and ensure that they know you understand their goals and expectations (competence);
  • empower your employees’ sense that they are in control of their actions and have the power to make choices (autonomy).

Your work environment plays a huge role in whether these three areas flourish or stifle, even more so during these pandemic times. No matter the circumstances, we are most energised and committed when we are internally motivated by our own values, sense of enjoyment and growth. In short, internal motivation inspires us to be our best selves. By meeting these needs (relatedness, competence, autonomy), leaders can help employees to be more engaged and to feel valued at work.

With this in mind, and on behalf of the AIGS Insights team, I wish you all the best for 2021. And, even if 2020 was perhaps only a dress rehearsal for 2021 (as Rick said in one of our strategy sessions) – remain committed to being the best you can be and to making things happen!

Greetings – The Yellowfin Sales Team