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July 26, 2021

I had hoped to avoid any mention of COVID in this message but sadly, notwithstanding the devastation caused by the recent insurrection, which in turn was sparked by the shenanigans of our recalcitrant ex-President, the pandemic continues to dominate the news and our lives. 

The 3rd wave is proving to be very scary! Thank goodness we are at last administering vaccines – although far too late and not fast enough! As an early and lucky one who is now fully vaccinated, if you are a vaccine sceptic – I urge you not to be! Although, like the Flu Vaccination, it does not give 100% immunity, it is extremely effective against severe illness and death – just look at the 3rd wave statistics from the UK, which by the way has a similar size population to South Africa!

If you are a tennis fan, you will have seen the crowds at Wimbledon. Compare this with last year when the Tournament was scrapped! By contrast – imagine the Tokyo Olympics with no spectators, and the current British Lions Rugby Tour! Is it conceivable that by this time next year we will all be able to attend large gatherings? Off course it is!

I wonder how you are all performing in the “live show” – our “new normal” day to day life under “lockdowns” and remote working. Did the “dress rehearsal” of 2020 teach you some good lessons and are you now reaping the benefits?

At AIGS Insights I feel we have done just that – judging from our performance and success so far this year! We have added a number of new Customers and Partners to the Yellowfin Community and seen impressive growth from existing ones. Our focus is on embedding Yellowfin into your applications and ensuring that, in so doing, you are able to add value to your customers. More often than not, the process proves to be more challenging than expected – but our team is always on hand to assist. See the article from our new partner Intenda!

A major plus for me this year is the increased support and involvement we are receiving from Yellowfin. A new VP for EMEA, Geoff Sheppard, was appointed late last year and we have quickly established a very close and positive relationship – probably something to do with the fact that we are both ex Royal Naval Officers! An excellent example of this support was the Virtual Wine Tasting event held last month, which was organised and hosted by Geoff. Although the technology platform was not ideal, the event was both fun and informative and, as Dominic Albrecht from Digital Planet said – a great way to spend a Wednesday afternoon! Since we are still prevented from having group gatherings in person, we intend having more of this type of event, so watch this space!

Another highlight has been the shared sponsorship with Yellowfin and Exasol as the Lead Advertiser in a Brainstorm Feature entitled “Taming Big Data Analytics” published last week. Among other benefits, we had a double page advertorial which we have widely distributed through social media. Apart from the market awareness that we hope to create, we are excited by the collaboration with Yellowfin and Exasol!

Enough for now! Thank you, good luck, stay safe and healthy – and get the jabs as soon as you can!